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And we’ve learned this much: Go make your work. Stop being a dick. Be a seriously good person to everyone in that room spending any of their time to make your crazy fever dream a reality. Because none of us HAVE to be there and many of us won’t be soon due to circumstance or choice, so be the best you can while you’ve got the mic. No one is getting famous or paying off their MFA from this pursuit of happiness, and we’ll all fight so it can be otherwise, but in the meantime be one of the good guys. Maybe try to show up to a stranger’s show once in a while. Theater only works if you show up. Spaces only thrive if you empower them with your strongest work.

The Incubator Arts Project

Incubator Arts, a performance space in St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan, is closing. This is from their post about that. And it is true and good advice for everything but especially situations where people are making hard-to-profit-from work for the entertainment and enrichment of others.

"Go make your work. Stop being a dick." It’s just that simple and–as this post and the closing of Incubator rightly indicate–difficult.

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This was one of the most baffling things of my whole childhood.


Always reblog the Clock Stretch! The Big Comfy Couch was so much fun to watch, but I always waited for this. Could do almost all of it except the roll when I was little.

Loonette was my entire life. Still is.

yeah i’m old what the fuck is this

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oh, i had to take a break this episode because i almost choked and died on that mang-o-rita. i had to run out of the studio and everything… we edited all that out though.

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